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$100,000 CCTG Commissions

Reno's Dental Office, Sales Reps & Minister's Proto-type team in each territory will be using the following Mobile Terminal (Fin-tech) as one solution. 


1. Earn 8 incomes from our fin-tech mobile ministry.

2. Earn $3500 per referral to our $6497 Business Finance Suite Training Product @ www.suitelogin.

3. Earn $200,000 from CEO's shared CCTG Commercial Loan Commissions by ZOOM Sessions.

4. Earn also $200,000 per year from coming soon (2-4 yrs), a driverless Tesla Semi-Truck.


SEMI could generate $200,000 yrly for each Dental Office-Church Ministry Partnership member.

One Reno Pastor - One Tesla Semi.

One Reno Parent - One Tesla Semi.

One Reno Dentist - One Tesla Semi.

One Reno Life Ins Agent - One Tesla Semi.

One Reno Business - One Tesla Semi.

If you do not qualify in 2-3 years,

CEO Simms will buy one Tesla Semi peronsally to still share $20,000 each of all freight income with all five of the $17,500 proto-type members.

The Reno Dentist Office-Church Mobile Ministry Prototype is designed to prepare over 2 years each member to be able to purchase a $200,000 Tesla Semi-Truck 4 ways.

1. Earn $182,000 per year x 2 = $364,000 income from $3500 commission per client x 52 wks, you refer members to buy our $6497 Business Finance Suite Product.

2. Prepare both your personal and business line of credit, over 2 years, to borrow $200,000 unsecured loan to buy your $200,000 Tesla Semi to earn $200,000 yrly.

3. Earn $200,000 to be paid to you by our banks & lenders as CEO's Shared Commercial Loan commissions.

4. CEO Simms provides mobile technology & pre-qualfied sales leads & Digital Finance Marketing from our Reno Dental prototype from Finance Marketing arm of CCTG.

The Best way to buy your Tesla Semi is by CEO's shared CCTG commercial lending commissions.

From each $17,500 member\$350 per month tithes from each (& Five client referrals x $3500 commissions = $17,500 recovered).

Then, CEO Simms will share up to $200,000 of his CCTG Loan Commissions with each Reno Dental Office-church partnership member.

As a prototype member, the $200,000 will be generated by ZOOM Sessions & Mobile app from your designated county & state territory.

The first $100,000 CEO shared CCTG commissions per state, will be applied by CEO to your shared ownership of a Tesla (driverless) Semi Truck freight income.  

Your second $100,000 shared CCTG commissions per state, will be applied to each members own CCTG Platinum Level Program, for you to be certified by CCTG headquarters.

History of Development.

Click here to see CEO Kermit Simms history as a 2014 CCTG Graduate

CEO's Mobile Dental Finance - Mobile Church Partnership Development History

2014 - Applies for Just Do Jesus Trademark to distribute on-line training of church members in finance industry. Deut 15:6 - You shall lend unto many nations.

2015 - Just Do Jesus trademark is officially registered as a brand. Matt 28:19 "Go teach every nation" = International teaching + International lending.

Just Do Jesus Trademark was established by Simms to protect JDJ ministers by lending territories of the JUST Do Jesus Ministry "You Shall Lend Ministry.

2015 - Unfortunately, Pastor Simms, was forced to have a tumor removed by under going brain surgery.

2016 - He progressively recovers from his brain surgery operation in late 2016.

2016 - He then sets up global licensing rights for Just Do Jesus Trademark Mobile Ministry re-sellers program @

2016 - He joins How Money Works International Headquarters Team in Atlanta @

2017 - He studies investment banking & sets-up studies for select JDJ members to attend on-line investment banking institute.

2017 - He studies and sets-up platform for selected JDJ Ministry members to attend on-line Private Equity Training.

2018 - He studies and sets-up platform of JDJ Ministry members to attend on-line business credit school @

2019 - He studies & sets-up platform for Just Do Jesus Ministry members to earn commissions to buy into Tesla Generated Income @

2019 - He moves to Reno, NV to become an associate pastor @ Washoe Valley Christian Church, under Senior Pastor Richard Birmingham.

2019 - He partners with dentist to establish system for pre-licensing patient finance education and church business partnerships for free dental clinics.

2020 - He studied, developed and sets up platform as the SmileRestore Patient Finance 360 Dental Office-Church Partnership Prototype Program in Reno, Nevada.

2020- The technology partner at the Reno Prototype for our ministers, youth and families reps to use is RevenueWell.


Now Simms is seeking to add the final component of AACCONN, as local ministry cluster of Pastors for Reno Dental Finance 360 Office.

Reno's AACCONN pastors will brings to partnership a committee of 16 leaders and\or members to join the SmileRestore Dental Finance Office Prototype Development.

All will be RevenueWell Marketing Sales Representatives @ SmileRestore Proto-type as distributors of all Technology Service Providers through our ConnnectWise Platform

Component Three:

While $200,000 CCTG commission develop over a 2 to three year period, each prototype member is to be developing your own business credit.

While developing your $200,000 in shared CCTG commissions, you will earn $3500 per referral to our $6497 Business credit @


 The Proposed Concept 

Atlanta's Black Wall St Cloud CEO Simms to introduce Export Atlanta to AACCONN.

Atlanta Business League members unite black businesses well.

It celebrated its 80 year anniversary in 2013.

MUST Media Group CEO Kermit Simms will promote the dual example of his and Dan Fowler Trademarked Homes based as family busineses' 

we will follow the Atlanta Business League model of business promotion with AACCONN-Dental Finance & Freight Prototype Program in Fin-tech.

AACCONN as our East Coast to West Coast bi-costal ministry cluster in fin-tech. 

Dental Office-church partnership Prototype in Reno?

It is a working progress as an application of the concept of Faith-Tech.

Once business finance suite program is completed & $200,000 of CCTG Shared commissions are earned, each member who paid his $350 per month consitently, will share Tesla Driverless Semi or Robotaxi incomes.

The SmileRestore Patient Finance 360 prototype, as Fin-Tech as faith-tech Ministry Cluster model, will include the technology platform tools of Connectwise.

Why we promote our West Coast Fin-tech as a faith-tech Ministry Cluster.

Like in Atlanta, the proposed AACCONN & Reno's Dental Finance & Freight Fin-tech Ministry prototype merges efforts to create ministry fin-tech jobs in N.Nevada & CA.

Black Wall Street Cloud CEO Kermit Simms is on a mission to promote the merger of finance, tech & media incomes for all pastors, associate ministers and Youth to operate Fin-Tech & Media firms nationally, as well, such as this youth business;

It's Your Time.

American Technologies @ Channel 


Atlanta Business League Tech & media supplier Youth ICON, Cori Fowler is an example at the pinnacle of Youth in Tech.


All 4 incomes above will be generated by MUST Media CEO Produced Programs DBA RevenueWell by WWW.ZOOM.COM.


CEO Simms to pool team members commissions to buy their $99,000 Elite Platinum Program & Tesla Semi Truck Freight Income.

By pooling resources, our state territory teams are positioned to qualify to share his CCTG Commissions & Tesla Vehicle incomes.


For $350 per month shared media headquarters staffing fees each territory income will be generated by



The Five Dental Clinic Finance Components


1. $17,500 Dental Office Component @ SmileRestore with Dr Georgene Chase & Bryon Boestein. 

2. $17,500\$350 Mo Age 62+ Client & Son Component @ Diana Beachum & Joshua @ How Money Works

3. $17,500\$350 Mo Reno Business Component @ Angie & Ken Hines @ MUST Media DBA RevenueWell Marketing Re-sellers.

4. $17,500\$350 Mo Reno's, as Just Do Jesus Church Partnership Component CEO Simms' sponsorship (pending @ AACCONN) 


$70,000 Nevada State Territory & Prototype Operations @ SmileRestore.

x One Insurance Agent-age 62+ client in the Capital City, like Carson City, NV, of all 50 states (each assigned to one Dental Office-Church Partnerships).


$70,000 Per State Partnership enrolled CEO using platform of


September 15th, 2020 Simms facilitate the SmileRestore Dental Practice Acquisition & Professional Management Marketing Program.

September 30th, 2020, Simms & sponsored Reno Church Launches Reno Dental Finance Office-Church Finance Industry Partnerships team.


First phase begin with 16 Reno insurance agents as a Dental Finance Office + Church + Tesla Promotion @ NV 16 County Territory Licensing Program.

November 1st, 2020 from SmileRestore Proto-type operations in Reno, NV begins licensing program to one Dental Office-Church partnership per state.


Projected State ZOOM Podcast State Licensing Income

$70,000 licensing income per state ($17,500 x 4 = $70,000 per state)

x 50 state territories of Dental Finance Office-church Partnerships by ZOOM.


$3.5 million income by January 30th, 2021


$70,000 State Territory Dental Office- Church Partnership Package Includes.

The fulfillment of Eccl 11:2 "You Shall Invest in 8 Incomes (ventures)

1. How Money Works Component @

2. How Estate Planning Works Component @ Netlaw.

3. How Legacy Preservation Works @

4. How Finance Works Component @ $6497 Finance Training Login @

5. How Commercial Loans Works Component @ $25,000 Commercial Capital Login @

6. How Home Equity Works Component @

7. How Capital Syndication Works Component @ EvestTech

8. How CCTG Commercial Loan Commissions Work @


$100,000 CCTG Graduate Shared Commissions to pay off mortgages, student loan debts & Tesla Vehicles for youth in our Faith-Tech

For $17,500, each member is provided four things:

1. $6497 Business Credit Suite Platform login @

2. $25,000 CCTG Gold Package Finders fee agreement @ CEO's login @

3. Up to $200,000 loan commissions shared by CEO's CCTG sales leads

4. After 3 years, members who complete their finance suite 360 business credit development.

Each prototype territory team member will be prepared and funded to become partners in buying Dental Practices.

The Dental Finance & Practice Management Works program is added to acquired dentist offices.


All Dental office partnership that are acquired will be professionally managed @ MB2 Dental